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Technology Center

  • ONE

    Yihe establishes perfect management system of measuring and reaches the metrological guarantee recognition criteria in products quality, energy management and cost saving.

  • TWO

    Yihe has reached 100% qualification metrology standards with the establishing the three standard---cursor class,micrometer class and indicate class whose measuring and repairing can be carried out by ourselves independently.


    Yihe pays more attention to the physical and chemical metrology work and consider it as foundation and guarantee of product quality. We have set up a special administrative organization-physico-chemical center.

  • FOUR

    We have complete inspection and testing methods with more than 10 sets of domestic advanced instrumentation and test equipment,30% of which have reached the international level.

Test Center

Yihe axle equipment

Introduce more than 500 sets of advanced, precise and top equipment

Yihe always pays attention to production equipment facility investment and successively brings in more than 500 sets of high precision and advanced equipments.
Yihe has three high efficient welding assembly lines, four light duty truck axle assembly lines, two medium and heavy duty truck axle assembly line, and two high level heavy truck axle assembly lines. Yihe has the annually productive capacity of making two million sets of commercial truck axle and two hundred thousand sets of passenger car axle.
Recently, Yihe has invested more than 500 million RMB buy Gas steping heat treatment equipment, CNC Longmen milling machines and a series of high-end equipment, eliminate waste equipment, improve production efficiency and product quality.

Yihe axle equipment

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