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How to Improve the Management of Yi He Axle Manufacturers in Data Age

Release date:Mar 23,2020 Source:Yihe Axle
How to Improve the Management of Yi He Axle Manufacturers in Data Age

In the era of digitalization, Yi He Axle must rely on data to win this war, because only knowing the enemy and know yourself can we win this war without defeat, which is the direction we need to focus our efforts on in the future. We should not be afraid of competition, but dare to compete. Collecting information is the first step. The information here mainly includes the production information, operation status and peer information (peer supply status, on-line quantity, price and quality issues) of the host plant. There are mainly two channels for information feedback, one is "fragmented information collection".

Yi He Axle Should Play a Cooperative Spirit to Help Develop Seats. At present, some seats of Kema and Wuzheng have been supplied in batches. According to feedback from Puke Company, excellent business personnel have cooperated very well. Problems are handled in a coordinated manner in the first place. In the follow-up we should play this cooperative spirit, actively help Puke Company to develop seat business, communicate with Xu Fengqi more, and develop new varieties based on the existing ones. Net sales companies and accessories companies should also participate to help sell seats and accessories.


All staff of Yihe Axle should fully consider their position, their enthusiasm and current performance. Repositioning yourself, the subsequent evaluation of business personnel, sales accounted for only 50% of the proportion, accounting management, team building, integrity building should be included in the evaluation.

Set benchmarks and improve learning by benchmarking. Sincerely hope that everyone will make achievements, learn to summarize in the process of doing it, and continuously learn and improve in the process of summarizing. We solve problems by thinking and controlling actions, relying on the mind, popularity and action. The managers of each sales branch and marketing department should take their respective teams with them. Only when there is a good atmosphere can they have the strength of the team and can they be twisted into a rope. Bad people can help each other. As for accounting management, everyone should take care of themselves, not be lazy, but ask for benefits from management.

Strict inspection and assessment. The main reason for the occurrence of various accounting problems is poor assessment. In the follow-up work, first of all, Yi He Axle should conduct self-examination and self-correction and self-reflection. Secondly, it is necessary to strictly check and assess the system and process of business personnel. For personnel who do not abide by the rules and regulations, they shall be assessed every day and every day until they know them by heart. They shall establish a system and process question-and-answer card. In the future, they shall conduct random checks when reporting accounts every month. Only when they understand the requirements of the system and process can they know how to do ten things. Secondly, we must be fair and impartial in the assessment of righteousness and axle, strictly in accordance with the requirements of the system, and do not mix up personal feelings. We hope everyone can learn business, do business, be proficient in business and be familiar with business.

Market risk of axle coexists with machine. Since May 21, the topic of 4.2 m blue Light Truck has been going through ups and downs in the truck industry. Most of them have turned pale at the mention of blue cards. Some regions have even suspended the 4.2 meter light truck licensing business directly. On May 27, we convened a special meeting of the purchasing, technical, quality and marketing departments in response to the incident. The first technical department produced drawings to see if the 2.7-ton front axle could be lightened. The second was the difference in weight between drum-type front axle and disc-type front axle. The third purchasing department looked at the supplier's inventory according to the models we provided. The fourth was the quantity of front axle inventory that we were affected. The public security department notified that the vehicles exceeding the standard were strictly checked. The requirements for hanging the license were changed to public notice and standard load. Those not listed could not be listed directly. The incident had different degrees of impact on major mainframe factories. But at the same time, this is also an opportunity. When the main engine factories switch, this is the best time for us to seize the market. All business personnel should actively understand the development trend of the main engine plant, track the whole process of new product development, and send technicians to assist in the switch of the main engine plant.

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