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The front axle of operating vehicles needs to be equipped with wear alarm device

Release date:Mar 23,2020 Source:Yihe Axle
The front axle of operating vehicles needs to be equipped with wear alarm device

According to GB/7258-2017 "Technical Conditions for Safe Operation of Motor Vehicles", JT/T1178.1-2018 "Technical Conditions for Safe Operation of Freight Cars-Trucks" and JT/T1178.2-2019 "Technical Conditions for Safe Operation of Freight Cars-Traction Vehicles and Trailers" regulations, friction plate wear warning devices are added to the brake clearance self-adjusting front axle, and the regulations require that the friction warning be fully switched at the latest on January 1, 2020. Now, the plan and current progress of our Yihe Axle Company are as follows:


1) Scheme: At present, drum-type front axle has three types: worn-out alarm line, mechanical alarm and external type (installed on self-adjusting arm of air brake drum-type front axle). The mechanical sound is too low to meet the requirements and is obsolete. External installation will affect the interchangeability of some products. At present, drum-type front axle in domestic main engine factories mostly adopts the grinding type alarm line scheme. The grinding type alarm form has been used in batch on disc-type front axle for many years, and the resources are mature. Our company suggests adopting the grinding type alarm scheme.

2) Progress: At present, most host plants have started docking verification, and some host plants have started batch switching; However, there are still some main engine factories that have not provided clear details and time for switching alarm devices.

3) Requirements for bundling alarm lines: General resources for alarm lines of Yihe Axle Company: 450mm inside line, 1300mm outside line (with corrugated pipe), and the interface AMP/TE282104-1 with the connection end of the whole vehicle. The binding principle is as follows: the alarm wire is wound around the ABS hole and fixed, and the same fixing point is adopted with ABS; The general length of ABS is 1200mm, and the length of alarm wire can be guaranteed to be close to that of ABS after bundling, which is convenient for main engine factory wiring (with different structures and slightly different specific positions).

At present, the implementation date of the regulations is only 2 months, and time is short. In order to ensure smooth switching of regulations and projects according to requirements and avoid overstock and repair of vehicles and spare parts in stock, it is suggested that clear documents must be issued before November 10, 2019. It is estimated that one month or so after the notice is issued, the brakes are common resources. In order to shorten the cycle, the current alarm line resources (450mm inside and 1300mm outside) are recommended.

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