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Chairman Yihe Axle's Speech at Spring Festival 2020

Release date:Mar 23,2020 Source:Yihe Axle
Chairman Yihe Axle's Speech at Spring Festival 2020

Dear staff:

The old year will come to the new year, and the first heart will march forward like a rock. On behalf of the leading group of Yihe axle company, I would like to extend our best wishes for the coming Spring Festival in 2020 and thank you for your outstanding contribution to the survival and development of the company.

The year 2019 is about to become the past, with fruitful achievements. In this year, we have changed the old and established the new. Centering on the slogan of "quality + customer + benefit = 2019 = future", we have changed to a standardized and process oriented enterprise in management, and have realized the standardization, serialization and platformization in products. We have continuously increased investment in technological transformation to add impetus for the enterprise to move forward towards high-quality development. Our "axle assembly" products have been identified by Shandong high-quality brand The sales revenue has exceeded the 3.1 billion yuan mark, over fulfilled the business objectives, and the market share has reached a new high, and the R & D capacity has steadily increased... All these achievements fully show that our positioning is accurate, our decision-making is correct, and all our cadres and workers are good!

Yihe axle

In order to actively cope with a series of pressures brought about by the transformation and upgrading of the country, we have invested heavily in international and domestic cooperation in recent years, overcoming setbacks and overcoming difficulties. Kung Fu is not inferior to those who want to. Our efforts will bear fruit by 2019.

The cooperation with German Albert management technology consulting company has entered its fifth year. The Yihe maintenance free hub unit products jointly developed by the two sides have been tested on the actual road of more than 1 million kilometers in total. The maintenance free wheel end production line has also been equipped with small batch production capacity. The first Yihe maintenance free wheel end sample bridge officially offline was exhibited at the Jianghuai heavy truck business annual meeting It has been highly appraised and recognized by the main engine factory.

The cooperation with Shanghai University of science and technology has entered its third year. Under the guidance of Professor Zheng's team, in 2019, the Am5 lightweight standard front axle assembly independently developed by us passed a series of test processes such as bench test, loading verification, road reliability test, road spectrum collection, and finally met the technical standards of the main engine plant. Our technical personnel actively go to customers, face-to-face communication, product promotion, for the first time to achieve the technology to market, signed a number of joint development agreements for new products, and was highly recognized by customers for our R & D capabilities and quality assurance capabilities. This is a milestone event in the development of Yihe for more than 20 years.

The development can not be separated from the investment and support of various hardware of Yihe axle.

In 2019, our investment in technological transformation and equipment transformation is unprecedented, with a total investment of 150 million yuan, including 130 million yuan in equipment investment, new high-end maintenance free wheel end production line, full-automatic front axle processing line, full-automatic front axle heat treatment line, high-end automatic 10000 ton forging line, full-automatic water-based paint painting line, automatic foaming production line, automatic stamping production line, and automatic painting line Framework welding production line and other equipment. This series of investment improves the product quality, reduces the cost, wins the market share, and ensures the stable operation of the factory.

In 2019, all our professional branches are striving for continuous progress. The development of Yihe axle in Changsha has achieved a qualitative leap. The sales volume has grown rapidly at the rate of 20% every year, and the output and market share have reached a record high. In the past three years, Changsha plant has invested more than 50 million yuan in technological transformation, and the products of three modules, namely, vehicle bridge, frame and sanitation equipment, have taken shape. It is worth mentioning that Changsha branch has developed a kind of garbage can with reasonable use of raw materials, which is a great idea, because the state has incorporated environmental protection into the national strategy, the garbage classification standard has also been issued, and the garbage can products will become a new profit growth point of Changsha branch, with strong market potential.

The company has also achieved remarkable results.

Sales rose month by month, new product development intensified, product orders came one after another, market share increased year by year, but this does not meet our urgent mood of pursuing excellence. We decided to connect with the world and cooperate with Dramer group, the largest automobile seat production group in the world, to strive to make our seat research and development level reach international standards as well as the axle products, and help the company to go global.

In the era of big data and intelligent manufacturing, we have realized the importance of informatization and intelligence for the survival and development of enterprises.

In 2019, after two years of repeated argumentation and summary, the effectiveness of information management taking overseas as the pilot has initially appeared - plan decomposition and material management rely entirely on the system, and cancel the manual account; the current situation of production management has been greatly improved, the inventory occupancy rate and inventory turnover rate have been significantly reduced, and the timely delivery rate and product quality have been highly recognized by customers. The accumulation of data is just the beginning. We still have a long way to go to truly realize digitalization and intellectualization. We should believe that as long as the foundation is firmly laid, we can stand the test of the times.

In 2019, management innovation emerges in endlessly, and a group of excellent management teams and individuals emerge. Changsha branch innovates the integral system management, arouses the enthusiasm of employees, and promotes the survival and development of the company; new energy passenger vehicle bridge branch studies the integral system management, and introduces the integral performance management standard, so that the executive force = Standard + assessment, arouses the enthusiasm, and improves the overall management level; pull rod branch learns to apply, uses software for planning management, blanking sets of materials, and materials The material utilization rate is increased by 2.2% and the annual saving is nearly one million yuan. Zhang Jinlei, a front-line employee of the axle branch, proposes to reduce the contact surface between the wheel hub and the brake disc, so as to reduce the processing surface, improve the production efficiency and reduce the cutting tool cost. On the premise of ensuring the product quality, the annual cost is reduced by 1.2 million yuan... The opportunity contains wonderful, and the innovation makes the future. I would like to commend your innovation ability!

Yihe axle

In the past year, we have not forgotten our original intention, kept our mission in mind, carried out the three love theme education activities of "patriotism, love factory, love home", reviewed the hard entrepreneurship process of Yihe automobile bridge company for more than 20 years, understood the corporate culture connotation, called on the vast number of management personnel to be honest and trustworthy, to be people-oriented, to stand up for people with virtue; we worked hard to lift the cloud, to unify our thinking, and to rectify our work Wind, to remove obstacles for the development of enterprises, so that the majority of workers in a stable and pure working environment to work steadily.

The days pay for the years. In the past year, our technology has been upgraded, Yihe axle technology has been improved, management has been innovated and developed, and the talent team has become more stable. In 2020, we will take every step steadily and firmly, work together to create a harmonious factory and live a happy life together; forge ahead with high-quality development and build a century old enterprise with firm faith. If we start cautiously, there will be no failure. I believe that as long as we persevere, our enterprise will get better and better.

New year's day, I wish you a happy new year. I wish you a happy family and a prosperous work in the new year. I wish our country a prosperous and prosperous future. I wish our factory a prosperous future!

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