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Yihe axle front axle upgrade helps Aumark light truck market position

Release date:Mar 23,2020 Source:Yihe Axle
Yihe axle front axle upgrade helps Aumark light truck market position

At present, Aumark has built a value ecology composed of forward-looking strategy, advanced technology, strong product strength and perfect value scheme, and keenly observed the continuous improvement of modern logistics specialization, which will make a single product difficult to cope with various terminal requirements. Transportation equipment must be related to specific application scenarios such as people, vehicles and goods, and implement precise customization.

Yihe axle

As the leader of high-end medium and light trucks, Foton Aumark always adheres to the concept of "user-centered", is committed to creating more valuable solutions for users, and takes technology leading, environmental protection leading, service leading and value leading as the responsibilities that leaders must practice, and constantly leads the development direction of the industry through innovation. Whether it's the super truck platform that leads the technology development direction in the next 5-10 years, or the comprehensive leadership in the emission upgrading from the fourth to the fifth, DPF, JingBiao / tejingbiao, and then to the sixth, or the rich product portfolio and innovative service policy based on the customized concept, Aumark always pursues to provide greater value for industry customers with leading products and services, And never stop to meet the basic needs of customers with compliant products.

In order to ensure the high level of products, Aumark has always chosen only the best enterprises in the industry as partners, even if there were doubts about whether this would hinder Aumark's success as a "more user choice". But Aumark insists that the solutions provided by the industry leaders should not only be efficient and reliable, but also be safe, intelligent, comfortable and environmentally friendly, as well as save costs, improve efficiency and competitiveness for users in a bit by bit.

Aumark further develops and adapts to the times, releases the concept of "deep customization", based on the innate gene of "modularization and lightweight" of the new super truck platform, realizes the development of different products through the increase and decrease of module quantity and change according to the user's logistics and transportation characteristics and daily driving conditions, and continues to lead the modern logistics industry with the professional ability to swim in various subdivisions Pursue highly efficient development.

As the axle manufacturer of Aumark front axle assembly, how can we avoid the market risk? First, expatriates must make clear the orders and plans of customers to avoid the risk of poor communication of orders. Our plan order, manufacturing order and sales order must communicate well with each other to ensure that they meet the needs of customers on time, with high quality and quantity. Pay attention to the source of our Yihe axle, the customers of our Yihe axle, the customers of our Yihe axle, and finally produce a good result. Second, we must pay attention to the purchase order. It mainly focuses on the rise of procurement cost and the risk of procurement system. Third, pay attention to the risk of Yihe axle to the supplier's order.

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