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Yihe axle promotes sales with service and improves service quality of axle

Release date:Mar 23,2020 Source:Yihe Axle
Yihe axle promotes sales with service and improves service quality of axle

Improving the service quality of vehicle and bridge is not only the business of customer service company, but also the business team.

1) Yihe vehicle and bridge market service special work continued to be carried out. In view of the problem that thousands of sets of fault indicators of our Yihe axle company exceed the standard, and in combination with the current situation of our company, we have formulated a plan and arranged personnel to visit the service station, conduct market research on quality problems, obtain first-hand information, and improve the information accuracy and quality rectification rate of our company. In November, the visit of Yihe vehicle bridge business personnel to the local service station in the city must be completed before November 25. The customer service company shall list the detailed visit plan and provide support.

2) Yihe service skill training. In order to meet the needs of the host plant and market service, improve the market reputation of our company's products and the company's popularity, so as to achieve the purpose of promoting sales and reducing service costs and ppm.

3) Yihe axle fast service, improve service speed. In this situation of increasingly fierce competition, the gap in all aspects is narrowing day by day. If we want to win, we need to improve our service, provide fast service and respond quickly. If we want to complete this work, Yihe and vehicle bridge business personnel must lead the way.

4) Fast and correct disposal. Yihe bridge business and service personnel mainly improve the following abilities: ① product quality characteristics; ② product process characteristics; ③ fault handling; ④ fault cause analysis; ⑤ improvement ability; ⑥ communication ability.

Yihe axle

Yihe axle risk control.

(1) First of all, personal risk awareness should be improved, and attention should be paid to the control of their own risks. If you want to reduce the amount of money, you must issue a report for approval, conduct research and analysis in many ways, and effectively reduce market risks. In particular, managers of marketing branches should know market risks through multiple channels and avoid them in advance.

(2) General monitoring of Yihe Axle to process long-term unsettled products and long-term unrecycled payment by December 30, 2019. If invoices cannot be invoiced and the payment cannot be recovered after maturity, the salesman is the person directly responsible for the market, and the manager of the marketing department and the manager of the sales branch are responsible for the management and deducted from the commission. Since the clean-up began in 2015, the long-term outstanding products have been reduced from 5.997 million yuan to 3.857 million yuan, and the long-term outstanding loans have been reduced from 2.346 million yuan to 1.039 million yuan.

(3) Yihe Axle strictly carries out all kinds of risk assessment every month. (1) collection assessment; (2) assessment of products that have not been priced for a long time; (3) the month's invoice is not in accordance with the provisions of the billing settlement assessment. And according to the information of daily capital and arrears in various markets, the market risk is evaluated, and timely suggestions and measures are put forward to effectively avoid the market risk.

Yihe axle  set up the concept of cost and formed a good habit of frugality.

Cost concept, we must be able to calculate accounts, now living standards have improved, some business people are used to it, no cost concept. What is the concept of cost? Every employee can measure whether he or she is doing no work, or increasing the burden of the enterprise, or wasting the resources of the enterprise, and whether there is a simpler and more economical way to accomplish it. These ideas are "cost concept". For business personnel, we should constantly improve our business level and work ability, so as to reduce operational and work errors, which is a great contribution to reduce the loss of the enterprise. In daily work, everyone should form a good habit of thrift, carefully review all aspects of their work, avoid unnecessary expenses, think more about "saving" after making efforts to "open source", work hard, increase sales, improve the company's profit level, worry about business development, fear of the company's growth, and increase revenue.

Yihe Axle Strive for Market Development, Striving for Market and Safeguarding Market Is the First Priority. As Yihe Axle, the main task of our business personnel is to rob the market and protect the market. How can we protect it? First of all, all business personnel must do the following two tasks well. First, they must keep up with the development of new products and do their best to follow this trend. The second is to fully coordinate and schedule in place.

Yihe always pays attention to production equipment facility investment and successively brings in more than 500 sets of high precision and advanced equipments.

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