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Top 10 Brands of Chinese Axles 2024

Release date:Mar 25,2024 Source:Yihe Axle
Top 10 Brands of Chinese Axles 2024

 Top 10 Manufacturers of Axle Assembly Axles, What Brand of Axle Is Good (2024)

    The top ten car axle brands in China include Yihe Axle, Hande, Dongfeng, Qingte QT, FUWA, Third Ring Road, BPW, Pengxiang, Fangsheng, Meiqiao HEFEIAAM, etc. The order is not specific and is only for reference.

The top ten list of Chinese car axles is obtained through free independent application and application by user enterprises, CN10 ranking technology research department, and CNPP ranking brand big data research department through data collection, organization, and compilation. Based on big data statistics, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, voting likes, and analysis/professional evaluation based on market and parameter changes, it is true, objective, and fair.

1、Zhucheng Yihe Axle Co., Ltd. is located in Zhucheng, Shandong Peninsula. Established in 1994, it is a large-scale axle production base with an annual output of 1.2 million units. There are more than 5000 varieties of automotive rear axles, automotive front axles, electric vehicle rear axles, and electric vehicle front axles. 

Currently, it has five major factories and ten specialized business units, including Zhucheng Company Headquarters (electric vehicle front axle), Zhujie Factory Area (agricultural axle), new energy passenger axle factory area (automobile rear axle, electric vehicle rear axle, MacPherson independent suspension), Puke seat interior parts, and Hunan Changsha Factory Area (automobile rear axle, electric vehicle rear axle), specializing in the production of various commercial vehicle axles (front axle, rear axle assembly). 

Passenger axle (MacPherson independent suspension, double wishbone independent suspension, etc.), tractor axle (front axle, front drive steering axle), harvesting machinery (corn harvest, wheat harvest steering axle, bottom plate parts), forged front axle, various steering rods, U-bolts and other products. 

It is a top 500 Chinese machinery enterprise, one of the top 100 Chinese automotive parts suppliers, and a leading enterprise in the Chinese automotive parts and axle industry, Has won multiple honorary titles such as Top 100 Machinery Industry Enterprises in Shandong Province, High tech Enterprises in Shandong Province, Provincial Enterprise Technology Center in Shandong Province, Integrity Enterprise in Shandong Province, and AAA level Enterprise with Good Standardization Behavior!


3、 Dongfeng,

4、 Qingte QT, 


6、Third Ring Road, 




10、Meiqiao HEFEIAAM,

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